Model Horse Prepping

Payment Details & Prepping Pricing

 Payment Details


Please contact me to reserve a spot. I strive to have a quick turn around on all outside work, but I am also the prepper for Karen Zorn of Zorn Art Studio and sometimes I am busy with her needs. I will tell you if I have time to do your model and will not string you along if I am too busy. My pet peeve is people who accept work and then make you wait for months for the job to get done.

I don't require a downpayment, but I will not ship until payment in full is recieved. If no payment arrives before 6 months and I don't hear from you, the model becomes mine. :)

I accept PayPal, US Postal and other Money Orders. Personal checks will be accepted by prior customers and held until the check clears both Banks.


PLEASE: Inside the box with the model, please include your name, the name of the model, and the name and address of the painter to whom the model will be forwarded. I have many models on my workbench, and it is very confusing when one arrives and I don't know whose it is, what it is, or where it goes. Thank you!

My address is:


Dog Hair Studio

Gina Hyatt

8691 Clark Lake Road

Clarklake, MI  49234-9709

Resin and Plastic

~Traditional scale starting at:  $40.00


~Classic/Little Bits/Pebbles scale starting at: $30.00 


~Stablemate/Chips scale starting at: $25.00


~Oversize Resins starting at:  $50.00 


All prepping includes, sanding of seams, holes filled, and exposed feet carved, nostrils and ears carved (if desired).




 Please Note:

 **Raw and Previously painted, or Rough castings (like Eberls) will be priced on an individual bases. Please contact me for a quote.

**All prepping includes your choice of white or grey primer. If you prefer Gesso a small charge will be added.


**Models that require stripping of any paint will be priced with an added fee depending on condition and price will be quoted before work is started.


**I will do some customizing to order. Prices depend on amount of work done. Please inquire.


**I offer a satisfaction guarantee on all my work. If you or the artist are not happy, I  will redo the model for free within a 30 day period. Shipping/insurance is not included in the guarantee.




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